The Copperas Cove City Council last week recognized a number of its advisory board members and commissioners who will no longer be serving on those city groups.

Jack Widup was the longest-serving volunteer, with about six years on the planning and zoning commission.

“We really appreciate Jack’s longevity of service,” Mayor John Hull said.

Widup served on the commission for a number of years and really “made the commissioners work” as the body’s chairman, Mayor Pro Tem Frank Seffrood said.

Starting on the commission in October 2008, Widup took over as chairman in July 2010 and served until June 2013.

The commission meets bimonthly and reviews and makes recommendations on city plans, subdivision plats and zoning change requests before they are reviewed by the council.

Mickey Deck and John Easterwood were both recognized for their work on the zoning board of adjustments. The two served from July 2011 to June 2013. As members of the board, they reviewed requests for variances to city ordinances on an almost monthly basis.

The entire city’s hotel occupancy tax committee was recognized for its work, making recommendations on how to spend hotel tax dollars.

The council removed the board members from their positions after some controversy about whether the board was working in the scope of its purpose.

For the past several years, just one entity has filed to receive funds from the hotel tax budget — the Heart of Texas Bowl, which is operated by Communities Helping Americans Mature, Progress and Succeed. The council agreed it could manage the funds without the help of the board.

Committee members included:

Eric Armstrong who joined the committee in November 2009.

Sarah Kindler who joined the committee in November 2009.

Patricia Thomas who joined the committee in April 2010.

Sherry Hoffpauir who joined the committee in July 2012.

Azetia Taylor who joined the committee in August 2012.

Marty Smith who joined the committee in July 2012.

Sandor Vegh who joined the committee in November 2009.

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