Following several months of decreasing sales tax revenues Copperas Cove experienced four consecutive months of gains.

“We are still below what we have anticipated based on receipts (from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts office),” said Ryan Haverlah, the city budget director.

“It is a lot better than the projections from the first six months of the fiscal year.”

In May, the city received about $409,000 in sales tax revenue, an almost 2 percent gain from the previous May, according to the comptroller’s office.

April, March and February experienced similar increases in the revenue source.

Sales for Mattress and More Shop at 606 E. U.S. Highway 190 have been “up and down” but the year is a “little busier” compared to last, said Juan Lopez, co-owner of the store.

“February sales were really good, but then literally you hit March 1 and there was a large drop-off for a couple of weeks before sales picked up again,” Lopez said.

The store has been doing more marketing and is changing its product line to capture additional business.

Much like Mattress and More Shop, the city, Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation, and Copperas Cove Industrial foundation have worked to increase the sales tax figures.

“The EDC is doing what they can with the industrial park and the professional and business park, the land they are marketing and developing.” Haverlah said.

The completion of the U.S. Highway 190 bypass could also positively impact sales tax, even though no new developments are planned along the roadway, yet, he said.

Increasing traffic efficiency and safety have shown to improve retail environments.

The addition of a new subdivision on the west side of the city could also help the sales tax revenues increase, Haverlah said. “But that is a long-term outlook.”

Before February, Copperas Cove experienced five months of decreases in sales tax revenues.

The city attributed the declining figure to sequestration and government furloughs.

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