KEMPNER — Joy Mainville doesn’t care too much for sports, but when it comes to riding a horse, she’s one of the first to saddle up.

Mainville was one of about 15 kids who gathered at the 5 Hills Cowboy Church arena Sunday for a day of fun.

Despite the rain that fell Sunday, participants were able to enjoy the day on stick horses.

“I’ve been riding since I was 2,” she said. “I started on the little bitty horses and now I’ve got a big horse.”

Mainville took the opportunity to pass on her riding skills to the young group.

“I love it because it’s all about family and friends, having fun, getting back on, all the injuries,” she said. “I love to teach the little kids and get them out there and on the horse.”

The events are held every month, said Raymond “Sarge” Mainville.

“Everyone is welcome and you don’t have to be a member of the church,” he said. “But we would like you to participate with us to get a little worship with the Lord and make your life a little bit better.”

Children also learned rescue skills by racing off to barrels in the arena and securing a buddy, said Tammy Thompson, event coordinator.

“It’s just to get out here from our regular type of riding and running barrels and to get the kids to come out here and have fun, and they had fun playing in the mud,” she said. “Normally, it’s competing in speed events and today we decided to use all stick horses because of the rain.”

The children also played mummy wrap, threw water balloons, bobbed for apples and enjoyed ice cream.

Participants were given golden boot trophies for their involvement in the fun day festivities.

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