COPPERAS COVE — Justice of the Peace John Guinn confirmed Monday that a fatal shooting occurred in the city on Saturday night.

Guinn pronounced Kristopher Charles Gagilardi, 24, of Copperas Cove, dead at 9:50 p.m. Saturday at the scene of a reported domestic dispute in the 500 block of Westview Lane.

Guinn also confirmed the shooting did involve a police officer, who shot at Gagilardi, while reportedly acting in self defense.

The preliminary autopsy report states the victim died from two gunshot wounds.

Several members of the Copperas Cove Police Department and city refused to comment on the incident and referred questions on Sunday and Monday to the Texas Department of Public Safety Texas Rangers. That department said they are assisting with the case, but additional information may come out of the 52nd Judicial District Attorney’s office.

District Attorney Dusty Boyd has been in court most of the morning and was not available to release additional information.

CCPD’s police bulletin shows the incident listed as an open investigation that was reported at 6:12 p.m. Saturday.

More information will be released throughout the day as it becomes available.

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No problem Tina, after all this wouldn't be America if we couldn't voice our opinions. I'm just glad that the Texas Rangers are looking at this case and Copperas Cove Police Department can't keep this one in house for the most part. I just dont know why they did not take him off full duty without pay pending this investigations, glad my tax dollars can pay someone who might be facing a murder charge. It might just say its under investigation, but this officer has more then likely pressed charges against some of the people he arrested since hes been on the duty roster in Cove. What im getting to here is that these people that he arrested have to go through regular due process to prove their innocence. Even if they are found not guilty later on think of the financial strain on these people must endure for lawyer fees, transportation, time off work, community outlook, etc. I can keep on going with the stress these people are under, the change of mindset they have on the police after of which they are wrongfully accused of a crime. With the media the way it is and the technology that allows everyone to share, and websites such as the Copperas Cove Daily Bulletin that is also posted on their Facebook what criminal activities have taken place and who committed them. They don't take in regard that they can be very damaging to a persons outlook who has been involved in a situation that later on that charges are dropped. Its embarrassing for people and very costly to the individual. The point I am trying to make is this officer is getting some kind of special protection that allows him to escape due process. The point of a due process is so that everyone has a fair trial, well I m scratching my head wondering what gives this man who is facing murder charges does not even have to spend one day in jail, get bonded out of jail, hiring of a lawyer, and awaiting his decision from the Grand Jury whether or not the evidence is enough to convict Officer Ray, then proceed to the pretrial and so forth. Meanwhile this officer is getting paid to sit at a desk and perform some kind of police work i would assume where as his judgment still might be allowing him to make bad decisions on other peoples lives. These officers here show no compassion towards the community when it comes to the law and when it should be enforced. They are quick to lock away someone that is in the wrong doing or someone suspected of wrong doing. I see these Officers around here with their quick judgments on people, yet when its one of their own they protect him as they claim they protect us. When you see a officer or take for example that District attorney from the Aryan Brotherhood. The Police were furious, making threatening remarks to whoever did it, saying they were using all their power to find that individual. Why should it make a difference if its one of their own or one of their community to get that kind of support from the police. The police around here protect their own, just as any police department i would suppose because its always been shown through history. I guess the whole conclusion on what I am trying to get at is these police officers need a reality check of the seriousness of this offense by going through the exact same procedure they make everyone else go through in this certain situation especially since everything is unclear still. Its the Grand Jury who determines whether or not their is enough evidence to proceed with a criminal case in any other felony case for everyone else in Copperas Cove, besides these Select people who call themselves officers of the law, but somehow can justify these action of Officer Ray, when such charges are pending in this sad incident. In my view of the law its stated that everyone is entitled to the same due process, but as i can see the reality from my law books aside, they seem to have their own process of their own. Anyone else facing these allegations of murder, when the story is still this unclear would be locked up in a jail cell. I for one believe in fair justice and i also believe people in general need to do the same to themselves as they would do to other people so they can get a realization of what due process actually is. Either way my opinion is my own i can only hope people out their are recognizing this themselves. Their has been way too many cops on Television nowadays, especially these past few months for some crazy crimes they have committed. I can only think to myself and wonder who many infractions and reports that have been filed on the fine elite force of the Copperas Cove Police Department. As a regular villager of Cove i will probably never find the answer out considering they only put their infractions and reports on the public and NEVER post anything that they have been considered doing unethical or as a criminal. As you say yourself Tina theirs two sides to every story, The cold hard truth is a Police Officer can be just as a common criminal like the ones they catch all the time. Their are human just like us, they have emotions, they respond in their own manner to situations in their own way, and are just as liable to make mistakes in life just as well as anyone else. We hear about it all the time how cops go bad, cops will always carry their own form of the law when it comes to their own. As i said before history repeats itself, as we all remember the injustice of the racially charged police during the watts riots, where the public finally took a stand at the injustice the suffered from the people that were paid to protect them. I am not saying lets have a riot such as the Watts riots in California, it was a different time to then and a more extreme situation. However, the way the police around here are when doing their job, they do it as they see fit. This Police Officer that did this shooting could take away the peoples trust in the police if they allow this to take place with special treatment they have displayed for this officer. If Later on down the road this investigation has found this officer guilty of charges, ill be glad to know my communities tax dollars are still paying this officer to "protect" my community. I for one will be not calling the police in fear that i might get an outraged officer waiting for me to raise my voice or present any kind of anger so he can justify in some manner as is why he shot me. I will just call homeland security or something for now i guess. I for one will be watching this one step by step.


Paco, that is your right and I will thank you for not being "typical" and bashing one for their opinion. Bottom line is unless you were there you won't know what really happened. Both sides are going to say both sides were wrong and the news doesn't do a great job at reporting all the facts because of what they are told. Not their fault but it is what tends to lead to speculation and errors in peoples judgements. Yes, there are always going to be those officers with chips on their shoulders and think that they are better then everyone else but NOT ALL are like this. And IF that officer was in fact wrong he will have to suffer the consequence of his choice. There are so many inaccurate "facts" on all these different outlets that, as I stated above, unless you were there you can't say for a fact that the officer did not act in self defense. I don't know either side in this case BUT bottom line is there is an investigation for a reason and the truth will come out.


Sorry Tina but im going to disagree with you on this, the police officer who did this should be more then under investigation, try leave without pay indefinitaly for starters. Police sign up knowing that their going to go to some harsh seens, where vulgar language will ensue, and fights will occur. They are trained to deal with situations in hostility to "Protect and Serve" as it says across their cop cars. These cops around here use the law under their profound discretion on who they want to target. They think its alright to put labels and put prejudice onto people in their decision making while on the job. The law should not be prejudice in any way, and they should not allow words to offend them while on the job. they have the right to use lethal force to be able defend themselves or the public. In no way was that officer in any clear danger when the man had a knife to his own wrist. What exactly was this officer protecting besides his pride? Its funny how they will post every illegal activity someone does and where they were arrested at and what for. Yet, The Copperas Cove Police Department wont even give out the officers name. I believe the public should be aware on which cop that carried this tragedy of a crime. As a Copperas Cove resident i dont feel safe with kind of behavior and actions from this officer still being allowed to carry a gun. If he is willing to use his firearm in such a rage of fury like that at someone, he obviously dont have a clear enough mindset to be a police officer. Makes me wonder if this officer has ever had any kind of outlashed behavior like this in his jacket. I am in no way saying what the man said was right in any way, but obviously he was not in the right frame of mind at the current time. When the cop arrived at the scene and Kristopher was clearly holding a knife to his own wrist, stating he was going to kill himself. Im sure the procedure is not put to in his chest after the first vulgar word. im also pretty sure he should have more been trying to negotiate with him and find a better way to help him. Im also very very sure that this officer had a better selection of tools on his belt rather then just reaching for his firearm. Police also carry a form of pepper/cs spray, a collapsable baton, and a electric taser that shoots out at distances about 20 feet. Why was it so quick in this cops judgment to go ahead and end this young mans life, when this kid is obviously at the end of his rope and needed help, the person who was suppose to protect him from killing himself, Killed him and in front of his mom, and then dragged him across the yard when he should have not touched him, and waited for medical assistance. The Officer has no Medical Trauma experience to be moving the body like that, hes not qualified to determine dead person. The man obviously was not going to go nowhere after he hit the ground from the two bullets this officer shot out of anger. If this cop gets away with this, It will prove that the Copperas Cove Police Department are just their to protect their officers not the community as they say. This was plain out murder by cop. Even in a civilian situation, if a offender runs up to your car in anger after a argument of words and verbaly threatens you, and you are in your vehicle with a firearm for self defense, you are not allowed to display or shoot the firearm to the man unless he displays a weapon or some other weapon to fataly kill you. If you do however defend yourself with the firearm you have now become the offender while the guy who ran up to your car is now the victim. you will be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon if you brandish/point the firearm and a murder charge if you kill him. Apparently the cops around here dont live by the same laws we live under they just enforce the laws for us. Sorry this was so long i just think was the last straw i have heard/seen coming from this Police Department in this town i reside in. If this cop gets away with this the mom of this young man needs to contact a higher authority til something does happen. If this chain of command this officer has takes his side in this situation he would be just as wrong for doing such, so lets hope that justice gets served in the same way this young mans fate was judged by this officer. The public should be given this cops name in case someone calls the police department and this officer is the first to arrive on the scene again, Before something like this can take place again. Just goes to show how crooked this police department can be when it comes to looking out for their own. The general public dont get these privledges neither should they, this cop should have had to bail himself out of jail, and waited for his court date like everyone else to clear him from these charges, but im sure nothing of the sort will happen worse this cop will get is an uneployment check. Cops should get treated just like a person in the community, he should have to plead his case in front of a jury of his peers, and see what the verdict is.


I am truly sorry for the loss of your son BUT was there really the need to point out that "the black police officer"?? It's always their fault


I'm the mother and I saw everything and the black police officer shot him in cold blood not self defense !!!! May God be with the officer in this shooting' !


Sorry for your loss, these police officers around here are to quick to make their judgments and should have a better hiring process for selecting these individuals before handing them a gun.

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