The Copperas Cove Police Department are warning residents to beware of an increase in the circulation of counterfeit money.

One counterfeit bill was passed in April, said Lt. Jeremy Alber in the criminal investigations department.

One fake bill was passed in May and June, and there have been two so far in July, he said.

The bills in April and May were $100 bills, and the three in June and July were $20 bills.

The case in May was solved with a juvenile detention, Alber said. The other cases are still being investigated, and no suspects have been identified as of Tuesday.

The bills were passed at fast food establishments and convenience stores, according to Alber.

“Suspects tend to target these locations when they are busy and fail to inspect the bills closely during the transaction, “ Alber said. “Stores can utilize a counterfeit detection pen to assist with detecting fraudulent money when the currency is received for payment.“

Police urge residents to follow steps when receiving dollar bills during transactions, such as looking for inconsistencies like misaligned printing, discolored ink, paper with an inconsistent texture or the absence of watermarks.

Those who receive counterfeit money should immediately call the police to report the incident, Alber said.

Victims of counterfeit money exchange should also try to remember where they received the money or from whom the money came, he added.

“If possible, obtain identifying information such as license plates, physical descriptions, or even the person’s name,” Alber said. “All of this should only be done if the citizen feels it can be done safely without placing them in jeopardy of being injured or assaulted. Remember, there is no amount of money worth a person’s life.” | 254-501-7553

Herald staff writer

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