When it comes to getting real world experience, Central Texas College shines.

For the students in CTC’s telecommunications program, that also means reaching out to surrounding communities to provide the services they’ve acquired in classes and labs.

One of those communities is Copperas Cove.

“We intend to partner with CTC to create a recruitment video,” said Sgt. Kevin Miller, spokesman for the Copperas Cove Police Department. More police-related video productions could also be in the works. “We are still in the planning stages in this endeavor.”

Such local projects add to the students’ experience as they move toward continuing their education at a four-year university or entering the workforce, according to Sean Greenthaner, CTC adjunct professor.

Sierra Loyd graduated from high school in Killeen, having participated in KISD’s Career Center telecommunications program. While her high school training taught her a lot about radio, which is her passion, her CTC classes give her a chance to use the ever-changing technology.

“I always performed as a kid,” Loyd said. “I love being behind a mic.” After graduation, she hopes to work for a pop music station, where she can make people laugh.

Loyd enjoys the lab experience offered at CTC. “We’re taught how to speak properly, to write commercial scripts and handle production.”

Aleisha Reynolds of Killeen will graduate from the telecommunications program in December and hopes to blend her love of archeology with film making. When she reached the age of 30, she decided she had procrastinated about college enough. “I dyed my hair rainbow” prior to enrolling at CTC, she said.

CTC students have access to the latest technology used in both radio and television. Some are hired for part-time positions with KNCT-FM radio or KNCT, the local public broadcasting affiliate.

Others might be involved with local productions, Christmas specials or graduation ceremonies.

During the football season, as games are broadcast live from Leo Buckley Stadium in Killeen, there’s a CTC student operating the controls on campus to feed in commercials and make sure things run smoothly.

“We’re one of very few colleges that has both a television and radio station,” said Max Rudolph, who serves both as CTC instructor and general manager of KNCT radio and television stations.

That availability makes working with the community to fulfill various video and audio needs a benefit to the students and the organizations with whom they gain resume-worthy experience.

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