A wall of used tires, gas pumps air brushed on walls and haircut stations made out of old pickup beds help create a garage feel of Cut the Crap barbershop.

Owner Krystal Ratliff opened Cut the Crap in April with the idea of making the business stand out from other barbershops.

“I did a lot of research before opening up,” Ratliff said. “There are 98 barbershops in Lampasas, Coryell and Bell counties, and not a single one had a theme or a name like this. I wanted something people couldn’t forget.”

The garage look is helping the business find its niche among barbershops.

“People have been really happy with how the place looks, too,” said Ratliff, originally from Lampasas. “The reaction of everyone that comes in is just great.”

Ratliff’s family members live in the area, which is one reason she started the business.

“One of the big reasons I wanted to open the business here in Cove is to be closer to my kids and family,” she said.

Ratliff, who has possessed a beautician’s license for 17 years, worked for a while as a livestock biotech. Her work ranged from tissue banking to in vitro fertilization, but the massive drought in 2011 caused many farms to sell the majority of their livestock, effectively putting her out of work.

“I got a job with Sports Clips after that,” Ratliff said. “When they hired me, I told them I wanted to get caught up on current haircuts, and I wanted to make sure I could get back into the business on my own. I told them I planned on opening my own place.”

Ratliff said she wants to get to know her customers.

“I really want to be able to build relationships with my customers,” Ratliff said.

“I want to know about them and their family. I have a computer system that integrates all information, so when a customer comes back, I can get a reminder not just about their haircut, but about their family life as well and really be involved with them.”

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