Azeita "Z" Taylor

Azeita “Z” Taylor, despite losing the election on Tuesday, will continue to serve the city on various boards.

Azeita “Z” Taylor may have failed to win the City Council seat she was vying for Tuesday, but the loss has not lessened her commitment to the city and its people.

Taylor said she will continue her role as vice president of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“We have taken great lengths to merge our current zoning with that of the city’s Future Use Plan. We have rezoned several locations to accommodate bigger industry, as well as small business, especially along the (U.S. Highway) 190 corridor,” Taylor said. “Where Farm-to-Market 2657 and Hwy. 190 intersect, we have rezoned a land plot for light industrial use to try to bring growth to that end of the city.”

Taylor said citizens told her it was getting harder to get to grocery stores and other businesses on the west end of Cove and were considering driving to Lampasas.

“I, along with the other members of the commission, have worked to make it easier for the EDC to bring business to the east end of Cove by having the land already zoned out and drawn up for business use,” Taylor said. “It has quick access to main thoroughfares and the interstate with the bypass intersecting. By rezoning it as light industrial, we hope to bring better business and a higher wage to the area.”

Taylor will also continue her work with Wounded Warriors and their families as the head of public relations for the Texas Division of Patriot Outdoor Adventures which recently applied for its nonprofit status. Taylor is responsible for handling the logistics and itineraries of the soldiers and families attending special trips designed to accommodate their physical, mental and emotional needs.

Taylor also serves on the Copperas Cove Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and is active in the Noon Exchange Club where her current focus is organizing the Feast of Sharing where she will also serve food.

“I love this community, and I have become vested in its interests and its residents since moving here in 2007,” Taylor said.

According to Taylor’s Facebook page, she may consider running for the council seat again despite the recent loss in Tuesday’s election.

“Its not easy to get into politics,” she said. “But that’s no reason to give up, especially when you know you can make a positive influence.”

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