About 80,000 diapers were distributed in Copperas Cove to those who needed them, thanks to a local nonprofit and a manufacturing plant that is shutting down.

Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter distributed the 80,000 diapers to community members Friday, said Brian Hawkins, the shelter’s executive director.

The diapers were from a donation from Dontar Personal Care from a plant it was shutting down in Waco, Hawkins said.

“We received about 10 pallets of diapers that were between manufacturing and labeling,” Hawkins said. “They were at the end of the manufacturing process, but had not yet been labeled.”

Dontar Personal Care has two other plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania that will remain operational, he said.

Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter distributed 74,000 size 1 and 2 kids diapers to 96 individuals who visited their facility on Halstead Avenue in Copperas Cove, and also made deliveries to the YMCA, the CPS office and Rainbow Room in Copperas Cove, Hawkins said.

They distributed 3,000 adult diapers each to Stoney Brook of Copperas Cove and Hill Country Rehab and Nursing Center in Copperas Cove as well, he said.

Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter also distributed surplus food Friday, including 820 pounds of rice, 576 pounds of beans and 540 pounds of oatmeal, Hawkins said.

“This was an opportunity we had to show the community that we care about everyone,” Hawkins said. “Our primary job is to take care of the homeless, but when we have an opportunity, we like to take care of everyone in the community that we can.”

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