The Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation cooked some grub Friday for police officers and firefighters for helping with the Robert Griffin III Boulevard dedication ceremony.

About 25 emergency responders gathered in the bays of the central Fire Station to enjoy some smoked brisket, sausage and other treats.

“The reason for this lunch is to thank everyone that braved the rain and the cold that day to help things run smoothly at the dedication,” said Polo Enriquez, the corporation’s executive director.

Cove EDC organized the naming ceremony, and police and firefighters helped with security and traffic control.

“It takes the cooperation of a lot of people to make a large public event like that possible,” Enriquez said. “We couldn’t have done it without their help.”

Police officer John Oster recalled working during the event that drew more than 500 area residents in hazy conditions to see Washington Redskins quarterback and former Bulldawg standout Robert Griffin III.

“The weather was challenging that day,” Oster said. “We were also dealing with making sure people didn’t rush at Robert Griffin III.”

The street dedication was both a tribute to the hometown hero and marketing for Copperas Cove, Enriquez said.

“It’s something recognizable that helps put us on the map.”

The EDC’s purpose is to bring economic growth to the city and make sure existing businesses continue to thrive through various projects and programs.

Officers like Christina Shappard were thankful the Cove EDC showed appreciation for the emergency responders.

“The food is delicious,” Shappard said. “It’s good to be here.”

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