Copperas Cove students got personal inspiration from award-winning Texas author Chris Barton during a week-long visit to several of the district’s schools.

Martin Walker Elementary School librarian Teresa Garrett wanted all district students to get to meet and hear from Barton who has had a book on the Texas Bluebonnet list for the past two years.

“They learned that editing and revising are vital steps when writing. Hearing this from an author helps students understand why they are asked to revise their own writing,” Garrett said. “The biggest benefit to an author’s visit is that the students are going to read more that will lead to stronger reading and writing skills.”

S.C. Lee Junior High seventh-grader Noah Moore learned you don’t have to be a fast reader to write books.

“It was interesting to know how authors write books and get them published. It takes a long time,” Moore said.

Moore’s English teacher, Brye Ritchie, said Barton’s description of the revision process was important for the students to hear because it reaffirms the steps in the writing process she teaches.

“I liked that our students were able to experience meeting a published author because he showed students that writing can be a possible career choice,” Ritchie said.

One clear message that students received from Barton as he shared his personal story was perseverance.

Emma Sheon, a fifth-grader at Fairview/Miss Jewel Elementary, said the best thing she learned from Barton was that he was not just a father, an author, a brother, and a son, but he was a re-writer.

“He told us he was rejected 23 times before his first book, ‘The Day Glo Brothers,’ was published,” she said.

Fairview/Miss Jewell schoolmate Darby Bell was inspired by Barton to stay true to her goals.

“I am amazed that it took Mr. Barton 14 years to write his first book,” Bell said. “It was cool he didn’t give up. I learned I should never give up.”

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