Lenee Short

As the doors swung open and the cold air hit her face, Lenee Short felt completely overwhelmed.

She found that the Crossroads High School environment and pacing were unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

True to form, though, Lenee took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, and took control of her education.

Short’s teachers have supported her as she tackles daily obstacles and works toward her ultimate goal of graduation.

Determined to succeed, she has set up an academic portfolio so she can check her own progress at any time and takes strides to rid herself of distractions.

Principal J.T. Irick said Short’s strength and dedication have not gone unnoticed by her peers or the Crossroads staff.

“Lenee is a very driven young lady, which is a rare character trait for someone her age,” Irick said. “This is a strength that will keep Lenee successful in whatever she chooses to do.”

Short has expressed a desire to join the Air Force where she hopes to pursue a career in the medical field, and Irick said he knows nothing will stop her from achieving her dreams.

Classmate Daemon Guyette said said he noticed that rather than give up, Short is always the first one to ask for help when she needs it.

“Even with her frustration, especially with certain subjects, she still manages to pull through and get her work done,” Guyette said.

Although Short has total dedication to her educational success, she is able to remain positive when faced with challenges, creates a fun atmosphere for herself and others and motivates her peers.

This does not go unnoticed by classmates including Hanna Flores.

“Lenee is an outgoing individual that has the room jumping from the time she walks in,” Flores said. “She encourages others to strive for what they want in life.”

Short chose to attend Crossroads High School because she enjoys the smaller environment where she can focus on her own goals and learning.

Short was chosen as Crossroads High School Student of the Month for October.

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