Youngsters got cozy in their pajamas, built blanket forts and let their ears and minds take them on all kinds of adventures on Tuesday.

Students in Janet Dees’ fifth-grade class listened to outside guests read books during Cozy-Up-to-a-Good-Book Day, an annual one-day reading event, at Mae Stevens Elementary School.

Kayleb Corral, 11, likes to read, but felt having someone else read to his class made it fun for the students.

“I think it’s interesting because different types of people like to read books that they like,” said Kayleb, who favors the Percy Jackson series of books.

Dees said it’s important for the students to see others, besides their teachers, read to help encourage them to be lifelong readers.

“I can tell them reading is important, but when they see our bosses, those in the business world, reading, it helps to foster that love,” Dees said.

This year, the guest readers were Cove Independent School District administrative staff and community volunteers who felt that any opportunity to help students foster a love for reading and encourage literacy is worthwhile.

“Reading is the foundation of everything you learn. If you can read, you can do all the other subjects and be successful,” said Christy Slagle, former Mae Stevens’ principal who now works as a new teacher coach.

Rick Kirkpatrick, Cove ISD deputy superintendent, read “Who pushed Humpty Dumpty,” a jumbled mix of fairytale mysteries written by David Leventhal, to Dees’ fifth-grade class before moving on to other classrooms and said it is important to always take time out to be with the students.

“It’s a chance to be a part of something that kids remember because they do it every year in elementary school,” he said. “Besides, it’s fun.”

Kirkpatrick said once individuals reach the administrative level of education, they seldom get a chance to interact with students on a regular basis.

“I think that all educators got into education to be with kids. The higher you move in administration, the more you are removed from the kids themselves,” he said.

“So any opportunity I get to be with the kids I take, at any level.”

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