Grandparents luncheon

Martin Walker Elementary School kindergartner Hayley Sawyer snaps a photo with her grandmother, Jeannie Kasper, at the school’s Grandparents Day Luncheon. More than 200 grandparents and guardians attended the event.

Courtesy of CCISD

Grandparents provide love, support, humor, and of course, cookies. They also represent one-third of the population with 72 percent believing that being a grandparent is the single most significant and satisfying thing in their life.

According to the American Grandparents Association, 70 percent of grandparents visit with their grandchildren at least once a week, yet 66 percent have never celebrated Grandparent’s Day with them.

This is something Martin Walker Elementary School is working to change. Students recently invited their grandparents to join them for lunch and engage in activities and conversation that generate a culture of learning with family and friends. Coloring, crossword puzzles and word searches were among the activities students and grandparents could do together while eating lunch. The student-grandparent duos were even invited to take pictures using the school’s unique picture frame created specifically to commemorate the event.

But the grandparents luncheon was not just an ordinary lunch event. It also served as tool to facilitate grandparent involvement and participation in the life and education of their grandchildren, said school counselor Pearline Walker.

“By including the family members in the school setting, we are showing the child that we all want them to be successful. The school wants the child to know that their grandparent and family members are important to include in these events,” Walker said. “We care about the student and their family. It takes a village to raise a child. We all play an important part in the life of a child.”

Fourth-grader Nickolas Kattner enjoyed having his grandparents join him for lunch. “Grandparents Day meant a lot to me because I got to spend time with my grandparents.,” Kattner said. “I liked having my family eat lunch with me and I would like to invite them to more school things.”

The luncheon provided an opportunity for students and grandparents to make new memories and bond with one another. Students also had an opportunity to meet the family members of their friends and classmates and learn more about each other.

More than 200 grandparents and guardians attended the Grandparents Day luncheon.

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