As Christmas trees are being recycled and turned into pulp now that the festive holiday for 2017 has passed, one Cove elementary school is recycling a lot more this year than just the tree.

As the House Creek Elementary School Christmas tree heads to the recycle point, every ornament on it has already found a reuse or repurpose and will again be placed into the recycle process.

One of the most recent lessons the first-grade students got to enjoy was a science lesson about reuse, recycle and regifting.

First-grade teacher Tiffany Bunn decided to use this lesson to help decorate the school Christmas tree. Each student received an old CD.

“The lesson involved discussing about how the students were reusing objects that they could not find another use for, so instead of throwing them away, they were made them into ornaments to help save the environment,” Bunn said. “The class began coloring their CDs with markers and some made theirs into peppermints.

“If we do not recycle, we are filling up our landfills causing increased pollution and habitat destruction which is not a good thing for our wildlife friends or for all of us.”

Once the entire class had completed its ornaments, students including Francheska Reyes were able to place them on the Christmas tree in the main hallway of the school for all to see.

“I liked putting the ornaments we made on the tree to help decorate. I liked that I learned how to reuse items.” Francheska Reyes said.

“You can also hear some of the students, as they pass by their ornaments, tell their friends about how we need to reuse products so we can save our environment.”

The students were so excited to begin saving the environment they are committed to future projects in the new year, said student Camden Summers.

“We read a book about reusing things,” Summers said. “In the book, they reused toilet paper rolls to make octopus and milk cartons to use to water plants. There’s lots of neat things we can do.”

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