Breaking news: Copperas Cove Independent School District’s junior high students made their television debut and closed the show on KWTX-Channel 10, getting them one step closer to their dream jobs.

S.C. Lee Junior High and Copperas Cove Junior High yearbook and media students got some hands-on experience and attended several educational workshops in yearbook, journalism, and broadcasting during a field trip to Waco.

Eight S.C. Lee junior high yearbook students joined other Central Texas students at a Jostens Yearbook workshop at the Waco Convention Center where they collaborated with professionals to learn about various yearbook techniques.

The students were given a crash course and tips on font sizes, color, covers, journalism, and photography. The tools helped the students decide on their yearbook features for this school year.

Cove Junior High students joined the Lee students at a Baylor journalism class, where they learned some reporting tips from the experts and questioned some of the college students about their own experiences as newcomers to the journalism field.

The students were also offered advice on conducting quality interviews and avoiding conflicts of interest.

After the journalism class finished, the students ventured to the KWTX News studio, where they learned about news production.

Studio tour

Students including Logan Peterson received a tour of the studio and got to see behind-the-scenes happenings at the station, from editing to the Weather Edge vehicle.

The students also had an opportunity to meet some of the news anchors and learned some valuable insights into being in front of a camera.

“The field trip that we went on really opened my eyes to what it takes to put on a news program,” Peterson said. “I learned a lot.”

During the broadcast of the noon news, the students were invited to the control room to explore some of the equipment and to see the control operator in action.

The students were then asked to sit in and watch the live taping, but were surprised when they were invited to join the anchors and make an appearance on the live broadcast.

KWTX Programming and Community Service Director Valerie Parker arranged the visit for the students.

“KWTX is committed to serving our community. Part of that commitment is to help our youth grow to their full potential,” Parker said.

“We are always happy to host school groups for station tours so they can see the behind-the-scenes workings of a television station. Who knows? One of them may grow up to be a news anchor one day.”

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