Jordan Love

Anyone setting foot in Jordan Love’s classroom at Copperas Cove Junior High School will see he has set up an artist’s haven for his students to do their best each day. Twinkle lights line the classroom interior and exemplary works of art grace the walls.

Students know when they enter the classroom they are entering a place of creativity. Soothing music is often heard as students work on their creations.

Love was selected by CCJHS Principal Amanda Crawley as the school’s teacher of the year. He advanced to the district competition, where he was selected as the CCISD Secondary Teacher of the Year.

“Mr. Love’s class is one that administrators often send new teachers to observe,” Crawley said. “His rapport with his students is to be emulated and shared with new and veteran teachers alike. Jordan mentors other teachers as part of the CCISD mentor program and helps new teachers to grow in their instructional and classroom management skills.”

Crawley added, “He is known for staying late in the afternoons and coming up on weekends to help a coworker. He does all of this with a happy heart and a joy that affects others in the building. It is rare that one ends a conversation with Mr. Love and is not smiling about something he said or shared.”

Each year, Love showcases his students’ work in the CCJHS Art Showcase. The students’ work lines the hallways and transforms CCJHS into an art gallery and museum of the highest quality, Crawley said.

“Mr. Love’s students are taught to create using skills they did not have when they entered his class. He infuses his instruction with excitement and shares joy with his students through art instruction,” Crawley said. “Mr. Love is not afraid to tackle higher level art skills with his students. He loves to challenge the students by teaching them techniques most students do not encounter until high school or college.

“Additionally, Mr. Love models for his students kindness, acceptance, and service. He works with some of the most difficult students, and they not only participate but thrive in his classroom,” she said. “They know he will not tolerate poor behavior and he keeps them busy by pushing them to create amazing works of art.”

Love will represent CCISD in the Region 12 Secondary Teacher of the Year competition in June. He began his career at CCISD as a paraprofessional before becoming a teacher and has worked in the district for seven years.

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