The City Council approved a resolution calling for a runoff election for council Places 3 and 4 during a special meeting Tuesday.

Lucy Aldrich, city secretary, led a discussion on the resolution calling for a runoff election Dec. 13.

“Per Copperas Cove Charter, Article III, Section 3.04 — Elections, ‘if no candidate for a particular office receives the vote necessary to be elected in an election requiring a majority vote, a runoff election for that office is required,’” Aldrich said.

“There were no majority winners in the general election for positions 3 and position number 4; therefore, a runoff election must be ordered,” Aldrich said.

The runoff, which will be between the two candidates with the highest and second-highest number of votes received in the Nov. 8 municipal election, will cost about $6,143.77.

“This amount includes labor and ballot production,” Aldrich said.

The runoff ballot will contain the names of Dan Yancey and Chuck Taylor for Place 3, and Gary Kent and Jay Manning for Place 4.

Following a motion for approval by Councilman Matthew Russell and a second by Councilman David Morris, the council unanimously approved the motion.

After the vote, Aldrich had the four candidates participate in a drawing for name placement on the ballot.

Yancey chose the first position on the ballot for Place 3 in the runoff, while Taylor chose the second.

Kent was absent from the meeting, so Kevin Keller, public information officer for Cove, drew for him.

Manning chose the first position on the ballot for Place 4 in the runoff, while Keller, drawing for Kent, chose second.

Taylor said he hopes residents remember to get out and vote for the runoffs Dec. 13.

“You’ve got to stay humble and get your thoughts across to the public,” Taylor said about the runoffs. “I’m just hoping people do remember that there is a runoff.”

Yancey said he’s looking forward to the runoff results, and also urged residents to take the time to vote for the runoffs.

“This (runoff) prolongs the election process, but that’s the way it’s set up,” Yancey said. “We’ve got to honor that and keep going. It takes about 30 seconds to vote. It takes longer to drive there than it does to actually vote.”

Other business

The council also discussed consideration and action on resolutions canvassing returns and declaring the results of Propositions 1 and 2.

Proposition 1, regarding the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages, was approved with 6,038 votes for the motion between Coryell and Lampasas counties, versus 1,658 votes against the motion.

Proposition 2, regarding the reduction in rate of the sales and use tax collected by the city, from one-half of 1 percent to three-eighths of 1 percent, and the adoption of a sales and use tax in the city at a rate of one-eighth of 1 percent to provide revenue for maintenance and repair of the municipal streets.

A total of 6,192 voters in Coryell and Lampasas counties voted for the motion, versus 1,658 voters voting against the motion. | 254-501-7464

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