The Planning and Zoning Commission met Monday evening at the Economic Development Corporation building to review several rezoning requests.

The commission is appointed by the City Council to review the specifics of submitted site plans and plats.

After careful consideration the commission makes its recommendations to the council concerning zoning ordinance amendments, comprehensive plan amendments, specific use permits, and rezoning requests.

With four of the seven members present, the commission was able to vote on several items.

The commission approved a recommendation to change 6.25 acres west of town, close to Big Divide Road in the Skyline subdivision from 11 plots to eight plots, widening each potential owner’s parcel due to the steep grade on the back portion of each plot.

Residential expansion continues on the west side of the county. A recommendation to rezone just over 50 acres west of Farm-to-Market 116 and north of Lutheran Church Road was approved.

The change in zoning will allow for the construction of four blocks consisting of 211 lots designated as Creekside Hills phase I in an area just north of House Creek Elementary School.

More than 31 acres labeled Heartwood Park phase II just north of City Park and west of Williams/Ledger Elementary School received approval for rezoning recommendation.

Three blocks consisting of 148 lots with primary access off Neff Drive are intended for the area.

Tonkawa Village, at the southeastern corner of Cline Drive and Business U.S. Highway 190, received approval from the commission on a recommendation to replot the area accommodating the intended development of Dollar General.

In other business, the commission voted to meet Dec. 19, avoiding the Christmas holiday and the fourth Monday of each month thereafter through November 2017.

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