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Last Wednesday, Gymkix’s opened early for Start Smart spring session. Carrie Klos and Michele Harris warmed up 12 children and their caretakers for 45 min. of various activities.

Start Smart is a seasonal six-week program for crawling infants to toddlers held on Wednesdays from 9

a.m. to 9:45 a.m.

“This class is good for socialization. She (Bailey) is an only child. She’s done a lot of tunnels this session…This is her second time, I highly recommend it,” said Gina Hodge, mother of 23-month-old Bailey.

“It (Start Smart) helps with core balance and going from one level to another without falling. It builds confidence and body awareness from head-to-toe in a musical way,” said Michele Harris.

Over the last 20 years, GymKix has provided many programs for children and adults across Central Texas. Until 2018, children under 3 years old only had one event, which was their monthly toddler time event.

“People were interested in a class for kids not old enough to take kinder classes. Parents wanted something more consistent, “said Carrie Klos.

Klos and Harris help children learn the basics of stretching, gymnastics and fine motor skills in an informal environment.

Each class ends with a treat and a coloring page. If parents bring all 8 pages to the last class, Klos and Harris will staple them together for parents to keep and give the child a special prize.

If interest grows, owners are considering adding a 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. sessions. Each session would cap at 12 children.

Due to small classes sizes, parents have a chance to share concerns with Start Smart instructors.

“Parents love knowing that we are there for them,” Klos said.

To learn more about Start Smart contact Stefanie Hoffman, Carrie Klos or Michele Harris at 254-221-9043 or go to GymKix.com.

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