When it comes to talking, there are a number of phrases some people repeat throughout the day.

For instance, two phrases are near the beginning of every phone conversation I have.

If it is someone I talk to regularly, the phrase is: “How’s it going today?” The less commonly conversed-to person is likely to hear this phrase: “Are you having a good day?”

The two groups of people also get different phrases as I try to get off the phone: “I hope you enjoy the rest of the day,” or “I hope you have a good weekend.”

Actually, they will hear those clusters of words twice about 90 percent of the time, because I almost always ask a last-minute question.

Similar phrases are uttered by others throughout the day. You may hear them at the drive-through window, while checking out at the grocery store or when bumping into an acquaintance on the street.

Something a linguistic class taught me, is that Texans will ask how someone is doing and actually not care about getting a response. But that is not true for me. I decided to actually mean it when I say the phrase and I learned never to be surprised when someone throws the truth at me, even though I am sometimes a total stranger.

In fact, it is the reason I shoot a smile to one of the regular morning cashiers when she says “I am here, but ...” she follows with some pessimistic words about life or her day.

Deciding to share what some could see as a negative outlook has to be hard, and for that I think the girl has a little bit of spunk and positivity to her.

But enough with the common phrases.

A long time ago I decided I wanted some words or phrases to call my own — some little jewels of speech that only I say in response to certain situations. And so I started some, and let me tell you during the last 11 years they have served me well.

If my regular neighbors, co-workers, friends and sources pay attention, they have picked some of those short one-liners.

Probably the most common terms for me to use are “Always” and “I’ll try.”

Both of these are used to follow the ever-popular “Have a good day.” Their use is dependent on my mood at the time.

“I’ll try,” comes at times when I am not in the greatest of moods. “Always,” on the other hand is said when I am having a good day or enjoyed my time talking to the person.

A word that is strictly known to those who text me is “ight” which is a shortening of “all right.” The popular slanged term is “aight,” but I am not really a fan of popularity beating my own logic, even though newsroom debates try to convince me my thinking is flawed.

The last phrase I will share is probably my favorite, because I think it is simple and sums me up. And when it comes to having your own expressions, I think everyone should have at least one of those types of phrases.

It is my positive wish for people who are slipping off to sleep, but I personally believe people should follow it all the time as a motto to get through life.

It is: “dream well.”

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