Yardwork is not just a chore for Charles and Petra Johnson; it’s a pleasure for the couple.

“I was born and raised on a farm,” Charles Johnson said.

“That’s my background. Yardwork like this is in my blood. Growing up, my family had a quarter-acre garden plot that we lived off of all summer long, and I enjoy planting the seed and watching it grow. I’m wired that way.”

Charles Johnson is wired in such a way that Petra finds it necessary to not do some of the work.

“The detail work, I’m not messing with it. If I do anything, he’ll do it over again anyway, make it the way he thinks is perfect,” Petra Johnson said.

The Johnsons are Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful’s Yard of the Month recipient for June. It is the couple’s second time winning the award. The first time the Johnsons won was in September.

Of all the features of their yard, the ones that they are most proud of are the trees.

“When the house was built, we had it placed on the lot to avoid cutting down as many trees as possible that were here,” Petra Johnson said. “I’m from Germany, and I love all the trees and green grass. We wanted to keep as much as that as possible when the house was built.”

“We’ve planted quite a few trees,” Charles Johnson said. “In back we have a small orchard with pecans, peaches, pomegranate and pear trees.

“I love yardwork so much, if I didn’t work, I would be out there all day.”

The couple feel just as honored winning the award a second time as they did after winning it the first time.

“It was so surprising to win it the first time,” Petra Johnson said. “And just as surprising to win it the second time. It’s an honor to win it, but it’s surprising since there are so many nice yards around the neighborhood.”

“It’s an honor, of course,” Charles Johnson said. “We both work hard at it, and it’s something I really enjoy.”

To nominate a resident for Yard of the Month, email Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful at kccb@copperascovetx.gov.


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