Several Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful members trekked to San Antonio last week to receive the Governor’s Community Achievement Award in front of their peers.

On the final day of the Keep Texas Beautiful State Convention, the members were officially awarded a $210,000 grant that will go to beautifying a state right of way in Cove.

“It was a amazing,” KCCB Executive Director Silvia Rhoads said Tuesday. “It was such an honor to be recognized for all the work the volunteers and the city does.”

It wasn’t just efforts by sustainable groups, who contributed heavily by being reliable and proactive volunteers, but those of the entire community that led to the honor, Rhoads said when the award was first announced in March.

Seeking the award for several years, larger turnouts at community events, such as the Great Texas Trash-off, may have been the edge needed to win, she said. Efforts taken on by the city, such as using effluent water to maintain the golf course, and proactive educational events, such as the EcoHarvest festival, also contributed.

While the grant is administered by Keep Texas Beautiful, the money comes from a $2 million Texas Department of Transportation fund.

KCCB will work with the state agency to determine which right of way the funds will be spent on and how the location’s landscaping will improve. The first meeting with state transportation officials is July 22.

“We are so anxious ... we do have a couple of ideas,” Rhoads said. “We think this is so great for the community, and it will be great to see the results.”

Some suggestions already were made for the eastern entrance to the city, while another possible location is along U.S. Highway 190 near Olgetree Gap Park.

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