Open house

Silvia Rhoads, executive director of Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful, helps people fill out applications last week at an open house.

Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful hosted an open house Thursday to teach people about the city’s sustainable environment nonprofit committee.

“We don’t just pick up trash,” said Sylvia Rhoads, Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful executive director and Copperas Cove recycling coordinator.

KCCB also conducts educational events for the community and surrounding areas, while volunteers get involved with other organizations and participating in community events, Rhoads said.

The KCCB board is currently trying to fill seven vacant seats of its 15 person committee. The open house was a platform to introduce the organization to numerous people.

Rhoads and other members of the KCCB board encouraged anyone 16 and older to join.

“We love the young minds because of all their creativity,” Rhoads said.

Marissa Sherman, 15, said she was considering joining KCCB. Her mother, Liz Sherman, is the group’s president.

“The events are usually great for me and (are) family time,” Marissa said.

KCCB isn’t just about education and the environment, it is about having fun too, said Bob Hill, KCCB treasurer.

Hill has conducted informational classes about composting with worms and creating box gardens.

KCCB also encouraged those wanting to be a member of KCCB, but not a board member to apply for a free membership in the organization.

Starr Platt, a Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce ambassador, attended the open house to learn more about KCCB.

“I’m interested in being a part of the community garden and a board member,” she said. “I realized there was more involvement in the community than just picking up trash.”

KCCB meets at 6 p.m. the first Monday of every month at the Central Fire Station classroom.

Herald/Mary Mejia

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