Music at the Gap

Teen Miss Rabbit Fest Kelseigh Fife puts wrist bands on guests as they enter the Music at the Gap concert Saturday, June 14, 2014, at Ogletree Gap Park.

Christina Rivera, mother of 8-year-old Neveah, works full-time. She is grateful that her daughter has a safe and educational place to go after school and during the summer.

Neveah attends the after-school program at the Copperas Cove Boys & Girls Club and said she loves it.

“When we’re outside, we play with balls and stuff. When we are inside, we watch movies,” the third-grader said. “My best friend goes there too. So I always have someone to play with.”

The Boys & Girls Club restarted its annual fundraiser, Music at the Gap, after a six-year absence. The event exceeded its $10,000 goal and the club approached the city two days later asking to lease property in Ogletree Gap Park for a new building.

Currently, the club’s building is outside city limits near the Lampasas County line. Supporters say a facility more centrally located will allow them to serve even more families. The club serves 85 to 100 students in the after-school program and the 150 children who attend the club in the summer, said Director Bobby Krei.

“We are offering new programs, which include learning not just the German language, but also about the German culture. We are offering Bricks 4 Kids, which teaches basic engineering concepts,” Krei said. “Some of the money will fund our summer field trips including a trip to the aquarium in Austin, area museums, and other things they might not otherwise be exposed to.”

Rivera said she appreciates that the club makes homework a priority for the kids.

“The kids come in, get a snack and get settled. Then they have to do homework,” she said. “This is important because it will not always get done at home.”

Having the quality childcare option with the Boys & Girls Club is not only economical, but also has a positive effect on Rivera’s work performance.

“I don’t have to worry about (Neveah), so that’s less stress for sure,” she said.

“And it’s very affordable. You can’t get anything better in this area.”

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