When it comes to breast cancer, each warrior has an angel.

The Pink Warrior Angels held a luau Saturday night at the Civic Center in honor of those warriors — breast cancer survivors.

The luau was full of families in support of both the angels and the warriors. Some of those present were volunteers, while others had experienced cancer themselves.

The menu featured roast pig, steamed rice, fresh fruit, teriyaki chicken, noodles and more.

Sabrina Brightwell attended with her family, enjoying the atmosphere. “The Pink Warriors give back to the community and also cancer survivors. That’s why we support them. Pink Warriors means helping people who need it and giving hope that somebody is there to get them through the tough times.”

Pink Warrior Angels is an organization that provides support for women who have completed treatment for breast cancer. Each “warrior” has an “angel” who supports her emotionally and/or with gifts. The founders, Julie Moser and Jen Reynolds, expected 200 people at the first-ever luau.

Throughout the night Moser explained how with this luau and the nonprofit give back to the community.

“We want to thank the community for their support, raise funds, have a nice dinner, and give back through raffles and prizes,”

Reynolds explained why the luau theme was chosen. “It’s a fun theme that gives everyone a chance to dress up and get into the spring season. We were able to bring in dancers and lots of flowers.”

Pink Warrior Angels hoped to raise at least $3,000 through raffles and donations. The funds raised will be used for survivors who need financial assistance for rent, bills, and even gas money. “The funds go directly back to women who have undergone a breast cancer diagnosis. It goes to paying their medical bills, as well. We’ve even helped families out with funeral expenses. There’s really no limit to what we help out with,” said Reynolds.

The organization gives up to $5,000 a month to the applicants.

Brenda Graley worked along with the founders as a volunteer. “As a colon cancer survivor, doing for others just makes you feel good yourself,” Graley said. “Pink Warrior Angels has given me a way to help others. I met a group of strangers who have become friends.”

Pink Warrior Angels plans on hosting this event on an annual basis.

For more information go to pinkwarriorangels.org.

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