Mileage Club

Martin Walker Elementary School students who participated in the Mileage Club program are, back row, from left, Giulia Meinert, Christian Montes, Brandon Losiniecki, Malik Jones, Asiana Martin and Lexy Hollingsworth; center row, Charles Ledford, Richard Montes, Nick Hollingsworth, Harley Shehane. Jamine Addy and Calvin Pomeroy; front row, Derrick Strong and Sean Reneau.

Nearly 200 students at Martin Walker Elementary School participated in a new physical fitness program the school launched this year.

Amanda Crawley, principal of Martin Walker, said the Mileage Club was started by physical education teachers to help students become physically fit.

“This is our first year,” she said. “We bought a bunch of charms as incentives for the students who are running.”

Students in the first through fifth grades participated by walking several miles around the school gymnasium or on the playground along a walking trail outlined with white chalk. The students were given punch cards to mark the laps they completed. Crawley said 24 laps equaled one mile.

As the end of the school year approached, students tallied up their mileage and were given extra time to play during their field day.

Sean Reneau, a fourth-grader, completed 27 miles.

“I like to run,” he said. “I run two miles every day, and if I’m early, then I’ll walk around two times in the gym to finish a card at recess.”

Derrick Strong, a third-grader, racked up about 33 miles.

“I started because I found out you can get prizes,” he said. “I got an extra hour at field day.”

His friend, John Gorres, walked 108 miles during the school year.

About a dozen other stuents successfully walked the equivalent of a half-marathon.

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