On Monday morning, the fellowship hall of Hillside Ministries resembled an emergency room.

Four testing areas hidden by blue partitions lined the back of the hall, as patients, mostly older women, walked from station to station or waited patiently to be called.

The patients were there to be screened for vascular disease and osteoporosis by Life Line Screening of America, a Cleveland-based mobile ultrasound company.

Margie Carlton of Temple attended after seeing a TV commercial promoting the low-cost health-screening event.

“It’s preventative because I am very concerned about my health,” she said. “My mother and father have had strokes in their lifetime and I was very concerned about that.”

Four tests offered

Life Line offered four tests that screened for plaque buildup in the carotid artery, which can lead to a stroke; an enlarged abdominal aorta, which could lead to a potentially deadly rupture; peripheral arterial disease, a hardening of the arteries of the leg; and low bone density in the heel, which can indicate the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis.

Ultrasound technician Ifti Saeed, who has nine years of experience, said the screenings are cost-effective.

“Many of these screenings at a doctor’s office can cost insurance companies up to $1,500 each. We provide package deals to have an array of these screenings for a convenient price. This allows many people to know their health status.”

Hillside Ministries is one of several Central Texas locations where Life Line screenings are held.

Go to www.lifelinescreening.com.

Monique Brand - Herald correspondent​

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