Copperas Cove businesses are preparing for another Mother’s Day, and many are planning to reap the rewards.

“It’s one of our biggest days of the year,” said Penny Rivers, the owner of Daisy Flower Shop. “The only day that even really compares is Valentine’s Day. The great thing about Mother’s Day is it’s all week. People all want their flowers on Valentine’s Day, but for Mother’s Day it’s a weeklong event.”

After 34 years in business, Rivers has a theory on why Mother’s Day is traditionally the second busiest day of the year for florists.

“Valentine’s Day, some people are bitter about it,” she said, “but Mother’s Day, there is no bitterness there. People don’t swear off Mother’s Day the way some do Valentine’s Day.”

Several local eateries also are planning for a weekend of Mother’s Day celebrations.

“The place is packed on Mother’s Day,” said Jackie Ossler, manager of Lil-Tex Restaurant. “Sundays are usually busy, but with Mother’s Day we get a lot more people. We have a couple of specials for Mother’s Day too, like chicken cordon bleu and a teriyaki maple salmon.”

While the restaurant is busy, there is little to no wait given the ample seating of the country style diner.

“You’ll get seated right away,” Ossler said. “You’ll get to spend time with mom, and enjoy the food. We’re not fast food, we’re good food fast.”

Ossler said while business is good on Mother’s Day, the day isn’t just about spending money on mom.

“Enjoy the mom you’re with,” she said. “Whoever filled that role, enjoy them. Be grateful to them. And treat them right.”

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