A motorcycle safety group is taking further action to get its warning signs on streets after the Copperas Cove City Council discussed placing signs on roadways last week.

After about 15 minutes of debate, the council asked Do You See Me Now Safety and Awareness to bring a prototype of its “watch for motorcycles” or “share the road” signs to the council before it takes any action.

Group members said they will provide a prototype to the streets department for review.

Since the meeting, City Manager Andrea Gardner said in an email that the group may need to know how many signs the city would place before they get such a sign.

“What I understand from a council member is, in order to provide a prototype to the city, the vendor requires a minimum purchase,” Gardner said.

In October, the group said it would pay to have several signs made and suggested locations. It also asked the city to pay for installation and purchase additional signs for other roadways around town.

The locations of the signs have been under debate by the city, the Texas Department of Transportation and the group.

The motorcycle group originally asked that signs be placed on routes motorcyclists travel.

Most of them are state roadways such as Farm-to-Market 116 and FM 1113.

Gardner said TxDOT would only put the signs on roadways where there are watch for ice signs.

The group went back to the drawing board, and last week suggested the signs be placed on roads that intersect with larger state roadways.

“These are streets that come out of subdivisions before you get on those major thoroughfares, and we thought those would be just as good,” said Robert Henry, a local motorcycle owner and member of the group.

Councilman Mark Peterson said allowing the signs would clutter roadways and set a bad precedent for other groups to put signs across town.

City Attorney Habib Erkan Jr. said if the city OKs the signs as official roadway markings, it wouldn’t set a precedent.

During the meeting, Gardner said placing the signs would cost about $78 per location, which included manufacturing the 12-inch-by-12-inch metal sheet.

Members said Gardner’s estimate was higher than it estimated, and reminded the council the group would pay for every sign it could place if it had to.

“We are working hard to bring awareness (about motorcycle safety),” said Terri Bentzet, a Copperas Cove resident and member of the group.

On Wednesday, Gardner said the issue will be brought before the council again.

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