Members of the Copperas Cove Boys & Girls Club were treated on Good Friday to an Easter egg hunt sponsored by the Tru Ryderz Motorcycle Club of Killeen.

More than 80 members from both organizations and their families journeyed to Ogletree Gap Park for a day of food and fun.

Boys & Girls Club Branch Director Robert Krei said the idea for the hunt originated several years ago with a former Tru Ryderz president.

“The Tru Ryderz approached the director that was here at that time and asked if they could sponsor an Easter egg hunt for the kids,” he said.

Since then, the club has hosted the hunt every year. Jameel Fields, Tru Ryderz treasurer whose two children are Boys & Girls Club members, said the event is just one of the motorcycle group’s community efforts.

“Our club is not only about riding motorcycles,” he said. “Our whole motto is based on community service and family programs.”

Tru Ryderz supplied all the essentials for the event, from the candy-filled Easter eggs to the colorful baskets. Although the day centered on fun, organizers included some of the major food groups in the event planning.

“We try to stay along the same guidelines with the Boys & Girls club with the menu,” Tru Ryderz President David Perry said.

Before the hunt, Perry and Fields recognized two Boys & Girls Club members with prize packages for exhibiting good behavior, attendance and grades.

“They worked hard and they deserve it,” Perry said.

Sherry Garcia, the mother of two autistic children active in the club, said her children love the Easter egg hunt.

“I think it’s great that the (Tru Ryderz) does this for them,” she said.

The Tru Ryderz’s commitment to the Boys & Girls Club was inspired by the club’s military affiliation, Fields said.

“A lot of the children here are military children, so while their fathers and mothers are deployed, we’re able to tell them there’s plenty of people who still love and care about them and will take care of them while their parents are gone.”

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