Four thefts were reported this week, one of which involved the theft of a cellphone. Small, valuable items such as cellphones and other small electronic devices are prime targets for thieves, not only for their inherent value, but because they are easily concealed during and subsequent to the theft.

Owners of these devices should safeguard them as they would safeguard the money that they cost. Safeguards should include not leaving these items unsecured and unattended.

Another theft included a flatbed trailer with its cargo. Thieves did not simply walk up to this trailer and drag it away by hand. No. A vehicle with a trailer hitch had to have been used to facilitate this crime, an act that could have been observed by neighbors.

The thefts of a lawnmower, tools and vehicle speakers was also reported. In my experience, the only way to prevent these kinds of thefts is to keep the items secure when unattended. This includes storage in a locked garage or storage building.

There are thieves who drive around looking for an open garage door for the purpose of eyeing the contents for subsequent thefts, or the quick opportunity to steal something of value on the spot.

A burglary of a residence also was reported. Regardless of the items that may have been stolen, a much higher toll is taken during these illicit incursions into another’s residence and that is the sense of being violated. Few crimes can evoke this level of anger and frustration. A person’s home should be his or her castle and a safe place from the outside world.

The only crime that I see as being more evil than violating one’s home, is violating the person itself. Of these crimes, the very worst is the aggravated sexual assault of a child. One such crime was reported to police this week. Such crimes have a lasting effect on the lives of the victims, some of which can be devastating.

True to the past and present trends in our area, Copperas Cove police made two arrests for the possession of controlled substances during the week. Both methamphetamines and marijuana were found in the possession of two individuals during a traffic stop. This crime seems to be a constant in Copperas Cove and continues an upward trend.

Capping the reported crimes this week, was the arraignment of a man on the charge of driving while intoxicated, subsequent offense. That is to say this individual was convicted of previous DWI offenses and now faces a felony charge. DWI is considered an offense under the Texas Penal Code, rather than a driving offense under Vernon’s Civil Statutes. The penalties can be costly and severe. Think twice before drinking and driving.

Anyone having information about these or any other crimes should contact the Copperas Cove Police Department. Community involvement is the only way to combat crime.

John Vander Werff is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and a Copperas Cove resident.​

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