“Large pig figurines!”

Irene Galindo, a Copperas Cove choir student, added a carnival atmosphere to the annual City-Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, calling to shoppers and enticing them to buy her collectible pigs.

“Once $15, now $5!” she shouted. “Would you like to become the pig-master of tomorrow?”

Galindo was one of several dozen vendors who set up shop at the garage sale’s new location downtown on Avenue E and sold a variety of wares, including toys, clothing, nurse uniforms, books, VHS tapes and DVDs, watches and jewelry, handmade crafts, digital cameras and cellphones.

The sale, sponsored by the Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce, raised funds for the chamber’s Adopt-a-Unit program with Fort Hood and business ambassador program.

Vendor Mary Lou Guerra and her family, who often set up at the Belton Flea Market, learned about the Cove garage sale from her sister-in-law.

“This is what we like to do ... go to sales and sell things,” Guerra said.

She said she believed the new location drew a lot of business.

“We were busier in the morning, but as the day got hotter, things slowed down,” she said.

Carmen and Samuel Grimes of Killeen, relaxing in the shade by their tables in front of Larry’s Bike Shop, heard about the garage sale on Craigslist.

“We did all right today,” Samuel Grimes said. “We made over $100. Business was better this morning in the cooler weather, though.”

Ellen Thornton, a wreath-maker and crafter, got several shoppers at her table near Out of the Cage Pet Shop.

“My daughter is a cheerleader with GymKix, and she is raising money for upcoming competitions,” Thornton said.

Calypso, a parrot from Out of the Cage, made a special appearance at the garage sale, greeting and charming passers-by on the street with his escort, Jedediah “Jedi” Knight.

The colorful bird was looking for a new home, as were several other rare and exotic animals in Amanda Vaughn’s shop.

The ladies of Altrusa Copperas Cove were vendors for the first time.

“We did better than break even,” treasurer Roxy Vincent said.

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