Goat Yoga

A herd of Nigerian dwarf goats assist attendees on their yoga poses Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018, in Copperas Cove as Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio out of Austin offered a goat yoga session at the Alliance Exotic Ranch.

Alliance Exotic Ranch celebrated its second season of goat yoga with a new instructor, Monica Pellegrino, Sunday, Oct. 7. Participants brought their own mats to 501 Country Road 4884. The class started at 10 a.m.

“About half of the participants were completely knew to yoga that was very exciting,” said Stacey Simins.

“Goat Yoga is a nice way get people, who haven’t tried yoga, to experience the practice without the stress of being in a class with people, who are super experienced,” Simins said.

Stacey Simins owns the ranch and co-owns Peaceful Warrior Yoga studio with Kirk Norsworthy. Simins brought goat yoga to Central Texas Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. She took a short hiatus at the end of May for the summer months.

“100-degree weather is not fun for the attendees or the goats. The goats are less jovial that time of year,” Simmons said.

Last October, Pellegrino met Simmons in Costa Rica. Over the summer, Simins offered her a position at her studio and an opportunity to participate in goat yoga.

“I’ve worked with animals for over 15-years now…I was excited and jumped right in …This is going to be my home base for quite some time, because Austin and this whole area is awesome,” Pellegrino said.

“The class went super amazing. Everybody looked very engaged. There was hardly anybody here that didn’t attempt to do yoga … Seeing all the animals interact with everybody; and how happy it made everyone; is what makes you do what you do every day,” Pellegrino said.

Hayden, Simins' 5-year old daughter, passed out feed, corralled the Nigerian Dwarf herd and played with participant’s children.

“They look at her as their mother. She helped bottle feed them,” Simins said.

Typically, Goat yoga last an hour with 30 min of feed and fun with the herd. Peaceful Warrior Yoga’s class offers a unique experience for participants and their families.

“It’s basically like a petting zoo. We bring out food. They (goats) are super friendly and liked to be picked up. They like human attention. It’s nice to see the two worlds combined,” Pellegrino said.

“Last spring, we had 14 bottle babies. The herd was too old to bottle feed today. We have a couple of pregnant goats. So, people have something to look forward to,” Simins said.

To celebrate her event’s 1-year anniversary, Simins added a 2 p.m. class. There are no Saturday classes in Copperas Cove this season.

“We offer goat yoga in Austin on Saturdays. We added the second class for people who can’t make it to the 10 a.m.,” Simmons said.

“This is a great way to introduce people who aren’t familiar with yoga, but love goats…They get to play with awesome goats and learn some yoga at the same time,” Monica Pellegrino said.

For more information about Peaceful Warrior Yoga and goat yoga, contact Stacey at peacefulwarriorstudio@gmail.com and 512-574-3136.

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