The Noon Exchange Club of Copperas Cove held its semimonthly meeting Feb. 28. Highlighted at the meeting was the upcoming motorcycle rally to raise awareness of child abuse. Past President Mike Blount announced the club raised $14,000 so far for the Quad City Ride for a Child to be held March 29.

Money collected from the motorcycle rally will be used to create awareness and support those programs directed toward the prevention of child abuse.

Carla Polidoro of the Copperas Cove Fire Department shared information about the upcoming Citizen’s Fire Academy. Polodoro provided applications to interested members and encouraged them to let others know how to sign up at the Copperas Cove Fire Department or online at

The Noon Exchange Club Rush Party took place at Clear Creek Meadows on Saturday from 6 to 8 p.m. The event is part of the National Exchange Club “Stand up America” Campaign held annually to attract new members by offering a free trail membership.

President Dennis Ayres awarded club member Kelly Dalrymple the Exchange of the Quarter Award. Dalrymple was recognized for her dedication and involvement with the Excel Club at Copperas Cove High School.

Noon Exchange Secretary Pat Thomas presented Gabi Cook with the Senior Citizen of the Quarter Award for her volunteering and faithful service to the seniors in our local nursing homes.

Club member Kelly Dalrymple offered an update on the second meeting of Excel Club of Copperas Cove of High School. She reported that Mikayla Miller was elected as the first Excel president and the next meeting is today.

President Dennis Ayres conducted an auction to raise money for the clubs scholarship fund. The auction raised $146. The club provides a $1,000 scholarship to a Copperas Cove High School senior each year.

Christian Mulvey, certified ombudsman, was the guest speaker. As a representative of the Texas Ombudsman Program, he serves as an advocate to patients, families and residents of long-term care facilities.

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