Egg hunt

Colorful eggs await Head Start students at the Copperas Cove Noon Exchange Club Easter egg hunt on March 28.

The Noon Exchange Club Headstart Easter Egg hunt will take place at 10 a.m. Thursday for toddlers attending Cove Sun Headstart near the Exchange Sunshine Home, and at 10:30 a.m. at Cove North near the senior center.

It’s always fun to see children’s’ eyes get big when they see the eggs, said Mike Blount, president of the Noon Exchange Club.

“We hide the (plastic) eggs and watch the kids from behind the fence,” he said. “We line them up and then let them go, let them be kids.”

The hunt is a continuation of the annual event started by the Kiwanis Club almost 25 years ago.

The Noon Exchange assumed the responsibility when the Kiwanis Club was no longer able to sponsor the hunt. This year, however, the egg hunt will be a little different. The club will hold the event at two locations: the HCCAA Cove North Headstart near the Senior Center and at the HCCAA Cove Sun near the Exchange Sunshine Home apartments.

Cove North’s teacher director Daisy Rivera has been a part of the Noon Exchange Club Easter Egg Hunt for eight years and continues to implement the event as a culmination of several classroom activities in her Headstart class. Before the hunt, she teaches the children lessons on history, flowers, holidays and Easter. Then students work in small groups.

“They color eggs and put them in the fridge to wait for a snack,” she said. “After the hunt we count eggs together, then staff inspects the eggs and divide them equally among the students.”

If it rains, the hunt will be held inside and they will do activities and hide them on shelves and cubbies, Rivera said.

The club is in need of 700 plastic eggs filled with treats. There are 32 to 38 kids in a class and roughly 350 eggs are put out at each school so each child can get approximately 10 eggs.

Those wishing to donate plastic eggs filled with treats can drop them off at the Housing Authority at 701 Casa Drive.

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