COPPERAS COVE — Two Copperas Cove women remained in Coryell County Jail on Friday, facing aggravated robbery charges. They are suspected of driving down U.S. Highway 190 with the alleged robbery victim on the hood of a car and stealing a wallet from a McDonald’s bathroom counter.

Justice of the Peace John Guinn arraigned Crystal Grace Paicely, 27, and Sara Louise Bryant, 24, on Wednesday on charges of aggravated robbery. Guinn set Paicely’s bond at $100,000 and Bryant’s bond at $50,000.

According to the arrest complaint, the female victim told police she was using the bathroom at McDonald’s when she left her wallet on the sink’s counter. While in the stall, the woman heard two other females enter the bathroom and start going through her wallet.

When the victim exited the stall, she saw that her wallet was missing and she allegedly confronted Paicely and Bryant in the lavatory, the complaint stated.

Paicely and Bryant claimed they didn’t have her wallet, but the woman told police she could see her billfold in the pocket of Bryant’s pants, the complaint stated. The victim then left the restroom and told McDonald’s employees to call police because she had been robbed.

Paicely and Bryant allegedly both exited the bathroom and attempted to leave the McDonald’s, but the victim stood in front of the door, saying they weren’t going to leave until police arrived, according to the complaint. Bryant then pushed the woman out of the way and they exited the building.

In the parking lot, the victim continued to try to stop the two by standing in front of their Dodge Magnum, but the women reportedly lunged at the car at the victim several times before swerving around her.

As the car exited the parking lot, the woman rushed across the lot and was able to jump on the hood of the car, the complaint stated. The car continued to exit the parking lot and traveled east down U.S. 190 until it got to the Relax Inn.

There, Bryant allegedly exited the vehicle and pulled the victim off the hood before entering the vehicle again and driving off into a neighborhood.

Police were able to apprehend Paicely and Bryant because an officer pulled them over in the McDonald’s parking lot for an expired registration sticker 20 minutes prior to the incident, where he gave them a verbal warning for the violation.

During the police investigation, witnesses at the McDonald’s identified Bryant and Paicely as the same women who were pulled over and who allegedly robbed the victim.

Guinn also arraigned Javon Xavier Henderson, 24, on Friday on a charge of continuous violence against the family. Guinn set his bond at $10,000.

Justice of the Peace Bill Price arraigned Michael Aaron Lahue, 21, on Tuesday on a charge of continuous violence against the family. Price set his bond at $30,000.

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