GATESVILLE —Howdy, Copperas Cove. Here is what is going on downrange in Coryell County in 2014.

Hope you had your black-eyed peas and are all set for a good year.

What will U.S. Highway 190 through Cove look like when the bypasses are open? Fort Hood traffic to and from Gatesville and Lampasas will be using new pavement.

Keep an eye on how many folks find their way to Five Hills.

Speaking of pavement, Coryell County officials will continue to debate whether they can afford to pave county roads while saving for a new jail.

Commissioners hope to get some state funds to repair and maintain some county roads affected by traffic from oil and gas exploration.

Several county roads on the outskirts of Cove are under consideration for Coryell’s $134,000 share of the Texas Department of Transportation grant.

A public hearing on what roads will be part of the County Energy Transportation Reinvestment Zone is at 9 a.m. Monday in the Gatesville county annex.

Oil and gas activity affecting county roads will not include the proposed BridgeTex Pipeline. Work on the 20-inch crude oil pipeline has not yet started in Coryell County due to court challenges to condemnation of some private property easements by several county landowners, including District Attorney Dusty Boyd.

Another year, another Coryell County Youth Fair. About 350 youngsters from around the county will compete in livestock and home economics events at the Gatesville Civic Center barn next week.

Horse and dairy goat competition actually starts Saturday, with the rest of the entries to be judged Wednesday and Thursday.

Connecting dots: As more of us watch reality TV, fewer of us believe in human evolution.

Happy 2014.

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