Coryell County community leaders remember Constable Roger Faught as a dedicated and hard-working lawman.

“Roger was one of the most honest and upstanding individuals that I ever had the pleasure to deal with,” said Justice of the Peace John Guinn. “Roger was an excellent law enforcement officer. He had served as sheriff, as a police officer and as a constable these last few years.”

Faught, who served as the Coryell County Precinct 1 constable since 2004, died of a heart attack Saturday at his residence at the age of 58. Faught had a long list of law enforcement services, to include the Copperas Cove Police Department, from 1986 to 2000, and Coryell County sheriff, from 2000 to 2004.

“When he started here, in May 1986, I patrolled with him,” said Copperas Cove Deputy Police Chief Mike Heintzelman. “From what I remember about him, he always cared about the victim, and he always wanted to see justice was done.”

Faught worked patrol until 1990 when he became a very successful investigator for the department, Heintzelman said. His very friendly nature and ability to talk to everyone made him an asset that let him get leads from people.

“A lot of people talked to Roger and that is how he got a lot of his information and how he solved a lot of his crimes,” Heintzelman said.

Those assets carried over to his work as constable, Guinn said.

“He wanted to be involved and he wanted to be busy and he wanted to perform some sort of service,” Guinn said.

Working with Faught daily impressed Guinn, he said. Constables serve as the courts bailiffs, serve eviction notices, warrants and more. Faught performed every one of those duties with dedication.

“I really didn’t appreciate how hard-working he was until he became constable,” said Guinn. “We have day-to-day interaction with the constables. These courts don’t function very well without the help of the good law enforcement officers.”

Copperas Cove Mayor John Hull, who served as county judge when Faught was the county sheriff, also said Faught was dedicated to law enforcement.

“Roger was a good, upstanding man,” he said. “He was a good Christian man. He was a good family man. He always worked good with everyone who was involved with the sheriff.”

During his time as sheriff, Faught cooperated with county commissioners, kept his department under budget and modernized the sheriff’s office for its time, Hull and Guinn said.

Faught took a small rural sheriff’s office and helped it grow into a more urban policing agency, said Guinn. Copperas Cove and Coryell County changed a lot between 2000 and 2004.

“(Faught) will be missed by the community, and he will be really missed by the JPs because he did an excellent job for them,” Hull said.

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