Economic development officials received early estimates and reviewed the preliminary plans for the Narrows Business and Technology Park on Tuesday.

During a workshop, the Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation’s board discussed plans for the 72-acre development for the second to last time before submitting the proposal to the city.

“We are just about ready to send this on to the city for review,” said Polo Enriquez, Cove EDC executive director.

The park would be built at the end of Constitution Drive and Robert Griffin III Boulevard, the preliminary plans stated.

It features three entrances and exits with one being on the south end of Constitution, another on Robert Griffin III Boulevard and Old Copperas Cove Road and the third on a proposed Charles Tillman Way at Constitution.

The estimated $1.8 million cost for developing the land includes building roadways and other infrastructure, but the number doesn’t include lighting, communication cables, signage or possible drainage additions, Enriquez said.

Signage and street lights for the Narrows are estimated at $150,000 but the estimate doesn’t include having designs for future elements, Enriquez said.

Board member Jimmy Clark wondered during the workshop why the corporation didn’t have better estimates for the project.

The estimates will be updated as board members decide what those elements should look like and after the city reviews the plans, said Otto Wiederhold, the senior vice president of Walker Partners, which designed the proposed property for the board.

Enriquez assured board members there would be plenty of time for other features to be added after the project is submitted to the city.

“We won’t bid it until the city make its comments and we have to see if we have some changes,” Wiederhold said.

After the plat is submitted, it could take 30 days for review. Enriquez said he hoped the Cove EDC could bid the project in about two months and then start construction shortly thereafter.

Wiederhold said construction could take about a year.

Clark urged staff members to start marketing the property and determining the cost of lots.

Enriquez said staff members are already marketing the property, but the cost of the land is to be determined.

The proposed plat shows three subdivisions, all at the northern end of the property. Those division denote the proposed land donation for a fourth fire station with police department accommodations, Enriquez said. The land will be easier to sell and break up as a larger lot, and the emergency facility will make it even more attractive.

The Cove EDC’s goal is to sell the property to businesses that will create jobs for area residents.

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