All schools within the Copperas Cove Independent School District began hosting Meet the Teacher nights for new and returning students and parents on Thursday.

The event gives students the opportunity to meet their teachers and familiarize themselves with the school, said Olga Peña, Cove ISD spokeswoman.

“Our junior high and middle-schoolers will be able to go from class to class, and not only get to talk to the teachers, but also take tours of the campuses, so they can be a little bit more comfortable when they come in for the first day of school,” Peña said.

S.C. Lee Junior High School Principal Kayleen Love said the school’s meet and greet, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, will set a good tone for the school year by letting parents know the doors are open to them.

“We want them to be a part of the learning community and what the kids are doing every day,” she said.

Parents of S.C. Lee students will get access to their students’ grades, can sign up for email information, and communicate with their child’s team of teachers.

“With kids going off for school the next day, it will be nice to give parents a mental picture of who they’re spending their time with,” Love said. “It’s good for the kids, the parents and the staff.”

Love said she expects a large turnout for the event, especially with sixth-graders who are new to the school.

New student orientation includes tours and readiness programs.

“(Students) are anxious and excited to get into the school, and maybe it will relieve some of the stress that the little ones might be feeling,” Love said.

Elementary-level students will get nearly the same treatment and can obtain information on proper school supplies, pick out their lockers and choose where they will sit for the year.

Parents also will get a chance to know the teachers and can exchange contact information and schedule future conferences, Peña said.

“(Meet the Teacher nights are) good for parents, because they get to meet the people who will be spending all of those hours with their kids on a daily basis,” she said. “It’s an invaluable night. Usually, we have such an incredible turnout especially at the elementary and junior high levels.”

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