Support foundation Pink Warrior Angels joined forces with Chipotle restaurant in Copperas Cove on Saturday to raise money for pink feather plumes to raise awareness and provide support for cancer survivors and their families.

Chipotle in the 5 Hills shopping center donated 50 percent of sales generated from patrons presenting the Pink Warrior Angels flier when ordering between 5 and 9 p.m. to the pink plume campaign.

Worn in the hats of the band members during the high school Pink Out football game Oct. 21, the pink plumes and the name on a tag attached will each honor a special person.

“We wanted to help memorialize special friends and family members,” said Julie Moser, co-founder of the Pink Warrior Angels.

The name Andrew Nixon will be added to one of the pink plumes in honor of the Pride of Cove director of bands who recently died due to cancer.

With the help of the Angels, the band and guard will look “amazingly sharp on the field — over the top in pink,” Moser said.

Moser, a band mom, noticed the lack of pink on the Pride of Cove Band and Color Guard during the annual Pink Out football game.

The kids in the band and guard donate a lot of time and energy to the Angels.

“The entire community has wrapped their arms around us since we started this just over a year ago,” Moser said. “We wanted to do something recognizing the community’s support of us.”

The Pride of Cove Band and Color Guard are the beneficiaries of that recognition.

The Angels nonprofit was created as a support group for individuals whose lives have been interrupted by cancer.

Co-founders Moser and Jen Reynolds, both breast cancer survivors and members of military families, primarily focus on helping those with breast cancer, but the group will assist anyone with a cancer diagnosis.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, my family had just moved to Copperas Cove. My husband deployed, I had to quit my job, and I had to manage getting my kids transportation to and from school and band practice. All in addition to seeking treatment,” Moser said.

This is the reason the Angels provide individualized support on a case-by-case basis including baby-sitting and transportation assistance.

The Pink Warrior Angels first worked with Chipotle after Nixon’s death.

The Angels arranged meals from Chipotle for 35 members of the Nixon family.

“We want to be a positive influence in the community,” said Caleb Berry, apprentice general manager of Chipotle. “We try to not only provide good customer service but also establish ourselves in the community by supporting various local charities.”

According to the Pink Warrior Angels’ donation page on, the group has raised 65 percent of the $2,000 goal for the pink plume campaign as of Tuesday evening.

The campaign will continue for 18 more days.

More information on the Pink Warrior Angels and a list of their upcoming events may be found online at

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