Another sexual assault of a child left us Coveites with another bruised eye last week. This intolerable act leaves us all a little sadder and a lot angrier. It should instill both of those emotions in all of us.

If the accused is found guilty of this heinous crime, the full measure of available legal remedies should come to bear. There is no accommodation for this type of act.

The crime of electronic transfer of certain visual material depicting a minor with the intent to harass was reported this week. While we don’t see this crime frequently, this type of crime occurs from time to time in Cove. The popularity and availability of smart phones with Internet access makes these and similar crimes destined for more frequent occurrences.

Family violence cases have been on an alarming upward trend since January of this year. Four assaults were reported across Copperas Cove within the past two weeks, three of which involved family members as victims, one incurring bodily injury. Have we lost our civility? Apparently, some of us have.

Family violence is indeed a crime against the victim, but in the eyes of Texas law, it is a crime against the state. This means that the state of Texas has taken the onus of prosecution from the shoulders of the victim and assumed that responsibility. When police respond to a report of family violence, and there is evidence that one or more of the parties involved have suffered injury, prosecution of the perpetrator will likely ensue, regardless if the injured party wishes or declines to pursue prosecution. This, in my opinion is how it should be.

An incident of terroristic threat was reported to police this week. A terroristic threat is any oral or written communication in which the perpetrator threatens to inflict bodily injury to the victim or damage the victim’s property.

As identity theft has become a national epidemic, it is also on the rise locally. Four more such cases were reported in recent weeks in Cove. I cannot stress enough the necessity of safeguarding personal information. I do not provide my personal information to anyone, no matter how trusted they are,

Two incidents of theft by check were reported this week, along with a report of credit card abuse. These thieves prey on the proceeds of working people. You earn it, They steal it.

An aggravated robbery was reported in a residential neighborhood of Cove. Obviously, this type of crime occurs not only in urban areas, but rural areas as well. Be cognizant of your surroundings.

Thefts of currency from two residences was reported to police this week, along with the thefts of jewelry from yet another.

A backhoe was reported stolen from a construction zone in full view of the public. Unfortunately, with the vast amount of road and other construction in our area, it is unlikely that someone loading construction equipment onto a trailer would seem out of the ordinary.

Continuing on an upward trajectory, another air conditioning unit was stolen from a residential property this week. Neighbors watching out for neighbors might have prevented this loss.

An attempted burglary of a residence was reported this week. Fortunately, this was an unsuccessful attempt. Burglaries in all categories have trended downward recently. This is great news. We can only hope it remains down.

Cove police conducted several arrests this week for crimes ranging from driving while intoxicated to possession of drug paraphernalia. Taking drunks and drug users off the streets of Cove is always a good thing. Thanks, cops.

John Vander Werff is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and a Copperas Cove resident.​

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