Reports of vehicle burglaries took a dramatic upturn this week as police investigated 10 such crimes, all on the same day. The thieves targeted vehicles in a residential area, several on the same streets.

It appears to me that these offenses were perpetrated by the same criminal or criminals, who randomly went from vehicle to vehicle in search of targets of opportunity. Most of the items stolen during these burglaries are things that can be converted into cash through pawning, trading or selling. From one vehicle, an ID card and bank card were stolen.

Consider the financial ramifications of those items being in the possession of a criminal. What better articles could be surreptitiously obtained to perpetrate identity theft or to lay a foundation for assuming another’s identity for the purpose of pawning or selling stolen items? None better.

From another vehicle, an iPod and wallet were taken. From another, a tablet was stolen. The list of stolen items continues with a purse and gift cards. All of the aforementioned articles are valuables that can be easily sold or used to the disadvantage of the rightful owner.

Here are the age-worn remedies for the prevention of vehicle burglaries: Park in well-lighted areas, remove any items of value that are tempting targets for thieves, and lock your vehicle.

The crime of arson was reported in the northern area of the city this week. No trend appears with this crime, as arson is not a common occurrence in our city. Assault also reared its ugly head in an upward trend this week. Three such crimes were reported on the same day in varying locations. Assaults are frequently reported in Copperas Cove.

Abandoning/endangering a child is never acceptable. Fortunately, this offense is not a common occurrence in Copperas Cove. So when it occurs, it stirs emotions and angers us. Luckily, there are remedies in place to deal with the perpetrator and address the welfare of the child.

Lastly, it appears that least two of the criminals responsible for the influx of counterfeit currency in Copperas Cove have been apprehended while attempting to pass faux $10 and $20 dollar bills. More counterfeit money was found in the possession of both perpetrators. Kudos to the keen-eyed person who recognized the counterfeit currency and reported it to police. Bravo!

John Vander-Werff is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and Copperas Cove resident.

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