A Rainbow Room volunteer explained the need and function of the program’s services to the Copperas Cove Exchange Club, which has raised money for it in previous years.

Gloria Schmitz, who volunteers with the Rainbow Room, said the program is designed to help children who are removed from their families by Child Protective Services.

These children rarely have the comforts of their previous lives, and the Rainbow Room gives them some items and other necessities, Schmitz said. Clothes and hygiene products are donated to the children. Diapers and cribs also are given to toddlers or infants and their foster families.

“These young kids don’t want to leave their parents,” Schmitz said. “They can be covered in cigarette burns or other marks from abuse, but it’s what they ‘know’ as love, and they want to stay with their parents no matter how terrible the conditions are.”

Stuffed animals are commonly given to children.

To further show the Exchange Club’s support of the program, the group presented $750 to Schmitz.

The Teacher of the Quarter Award was presented to David Burch, who works in special education with the Copperas Cove Independent School District.

Burch was recognized for his exceptional service to children of special needs.

While receiving the honor, Tammy Martin said Burch used his own time and money to build a wheelchair ramp at a child’s home so the student could more easily get to and from school.

Martin said Burch was a quiet man, and as such his acceptance speech was very short.

“Thank you,” he said.

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