Pistol Club

Heath Forbis uses a rifle to shoot a target Saturday during the Copperas Cove Pistol Club shooting match.

Heath Forbis of Austin was one of 30 people who participated in the Copperas Cove Pistol Club’s shooting match Saturday at the Lloyd Leppo gun range.

Forbis, the vice president of Gatti’s pizza, enjoys the sport. “I grew on farmland so I shot as a kid a lot,” he said. “I’ve always enjoyed shooting but I was never a big hunter.”

Forbis said he took on professional paintball for a couple of years before taking it to the next stage about a year ago and began competing in pistol shooting matches.

“It’s a rush and a kick and there is no doubt that it was fun ...”

For Forbis, the sport is a stress reliever for his day-to-day job, he said.

Frank Leslie, president of the Copperas Cove Pistol Club, said the shooting matches are all about fun and, of course, the Second Amendment. During a weekend competition, shooters compete in five separate classifications, firing at various targets and battling obstacles. The scores from each shooter are then tallied up and the winners awarded certificates for their classifications.

“We are doing a three gun match so there is rifles, shotguns and pistols that will be shot at various times in six different stages,” Leslie said Saturday. “People are competing by firearm categories against others.”

The club encourages beginners to come out to the gun range so they can improve their safe gun-handling skills. The gun range is open to shooters every first, second and fourth Saturday of the month.

“In this area, we never had an organization other than ours that can do what we can here so we can run a competitive competition,” said Lloyd Leppo Jr., owner of the gun range. “During out winter months we also do night training.”

Leppo said the training benefits members of the military and law enforcement. “The people involved in the sport are some of the most professional individuals to be around. They have to be as they are utilizing firearms, which can inflict serious bodily injury.”

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