Rich's Antiques

Rich’s Antiques store owner Janet Maywood and her assistant, Liz Fobert, paint items back to their original condition.

No dust clings to the collectables and valuables filling Rich’s Antiques and Shabby Chic’s shop floor. Instead, the building is filled with smiling employees, pleasant smells and spotless items tattered only by age.

Located on North First Street in Copperas Cove, Rich’s Antiques and Shabby Chic has provided a different take on the traditional antiques and gift shop since 2009.

“We’re pretty eclectic here,” said shop assistant Liz Fobert. “We stock a lot of different items from prim, antiques, vintage, even up into the more modern.”

While antiques are its mainstay, the boutique isn’t afraid to venture into different areas to satisfy a growing customer base.

“Antiques will always be what we specialize in, but we try to provide different items to please all of our customers,” said Janet Maywood, owner of Rich’s Antiques. “We’ve got gifts like Tyler Candles, pottery, bakeware, and for foods we carry all of Fredericksburg Farms products, even up into their apothecary with soaps and lotions.”

Spending more than 20 years as a government contractor on Fort Hood, Maywood relocated to Central Texas in the mid-1980s. After raising her three children, she decided to pursue her dream of opening her own antiques and gift shop.

“I believe that God wanted me right here in Copperas Cove,” Maywood said. “When people think of antiques in Texas, they think of Fredericksburg and Salado, but I decided to keep my shop here. Not just because I live here and it is convenient, but because this was about giving back to the community, giving back to Copperas Cove.”

Since opening its doors, Rich’s has made it a priority to offer new items. Now celebrating its fifth anniversary, Rich’s looks to add another line of products.

“Our next thing is woodworking and quilting classes that we’ll be offering in mid-September,” Maywood said. “Then hopefully, we’d like to add more handcrafted furniture items and take even more custom orders, but that’s what my husband, Rich, does. It relies on when he will retire.”

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