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Hayley Sawyer began to show signs of musical talent early in life, before she even began school. She developed a love of classical instruments and decided to start playing violin at the age of 5. She has been studying violin for three years, beginning locally for six months and then with an institute in Austin. The 8-year old hopes to play the violin professionally and bring joy to those around her.

Sawyer is the reigning Junior Miss Five Hills crowned just last month. She returned to the pageant this year after having garnered first runner-up last year. Sawyer enjoys volunteering in her community and has chosen to help the homeless as her platform of service during her year-long reign.

Sawyer will head up the annual CCISD Laundry Day on June 7 where she and her team of volunteers is expected to wash more than 2,000 pounds of laundry salvaged from the piles of lost and found items left behind by students who have finished school for the summer.

On June 2, Sawyer will head up a non-perishable food drive for Cove Soup Kitchen.

Sawyer developed her own business, Fiddler’s Lemonade, through the Lemonade Day program. She used her proceeds to help pay for her summer violin training program in Austin and donated the remainder to the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter. Sawyer captured the Most Unique Lemonade Award at the Best Tasting Lemonade Contest last year where she came up with her own lemonade recipe and played her violin for the judges and visitors at her stand.

Hayley is a straight A student and was identified as gifted and talented at her school shortly after beginning kindergarten. She excels academically and won the Principal’s Award for the past three years for each grade level. Her second grade teacher Barbara Miller praised Sawyer for her strong character.

“She always tries her best, is willing to help out her classmates, and has a positive attitude every day,” Miller said.

Martin Walker Elementary music teacher Teegan Torres taught Sawyer who won awards in music.

“She is an excellent leader, an all-star music student, and I just can’t say enough about Hayley Sawyer,” Torres said.

Sawyer has also won several awards in reading and actually reads on a 5th grade level as a second grader.

Martin Walker Elementary nominated Sawyer to become a Central Texas Incredible Kid.

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