Jim Rudd hits the ball from the eighth hole at the Hills of Cove golf course Saturday during the Copperas Cove Education Foundation’s annual fundraising tournament.

Braving the heat Saturday, about 20 golfers teed off at the Hills of Cove course for a Copperas Cove Education Foundation fundraising tournament.

The event raised about $6,000, substantially less than the $24,000 raised last year, said Jim Rudd, president of the Retired Teachers Association and Education Foundation.

But Rudd still considered the tournament a success.

“It’s very near and dear to me for the children,” he said. “It’s also a beautiful day to be out here and play with your friends.”

The players tried their luck to win a variety of prizes, such as a TV and golf clubs, all for a good cause. The foundation solicited sponsors for each hole on the course.

“The education foundation is a nonprofit organization, and every year we try to collect money from the community to give away education grants,” said Karen Harrison, foundation board member. “The teachers apply for a special project that they want to do that the school can’t fund and the regular funding can’t afford.”

All funds raised go back to Cove Independent School District.

“Then through a process of our committee, we choose the winners who have the most innovative ideas and award those grants,” Harrison said. “A lot of times there’s technology (items) that they want to try that the school can’t afford.”

The foundation has funded after-school clubs, habitats and helped build a greenhouse for students. Harrison said teachers and students are motivated to dream big, because of the foundation’s efforts.

“Our education system is very important,” said Marty Smith, foundation board member. “There are a lot of programs that the state and federal government doesn’t budget money for, so we come in and help the students and teachers in those areas.”

Smith is concerned with what students in Cove ISD are learning, as her children are a product of the school system.

“It’s very important that as a citizen of Copperas Cove, and as a mother with grandkids now, that education is our top priority,” she said.

The foundation continues to accept donations at www.ccisd.com.

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