Cove House’s transitional housing unit that opened only six weeks ago is already half full.

The Cove House board of directors met last week to confirm requirements for residents of the eight-unit apartment building at 611 Sunset Lane.

“We could fill them all right now,” said Cove House Executive Director Benjamin Tindall. “There is a need. But certain criteria (by the tenants) must be met.”

Tenants must be formally referred to the housing unit by either Cove House or another agency that works with Cove House.

They are also required to have some type of income and be actively working.

“We base the rent on a sliding scale. It will be lower and then adjusted over time as the individual progresses,” Tindall said. “We are investing in the residents with expectations that will prepare them to re-enter society.”

At the transitional housing facility, people can stay 12 to 18 months.

Tenants are responsible for paying utility costs in addition to rent and their own food and transportation.

Megan Chamness and Alberto Carrillo moved into one of the apartments with their 18-month-old son, Marcelo, on Dec. 6.

After a month’s stay at the Cove House Emergency Shelter, both have gotten jobs and take public transportation to work.

The workforce commission covers the cost of child care while they are at work.

The couple currently pays $200 a month for the 761-square-foot unit.

Each apartment has two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The couple appreciates that Cove House is holding them accountable.

“If anything, it helps me understand that I have to progress in life,” Carillo said. “I am trying to get promoted at my job and be the best that I can be.”

“(The increasing rent) keeps us on the right track so that we don’t fall back,” Chamness said.

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